• Turning Bad Vibes to Good Vibes

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  • "Bad Vibes" Zapped

    These "vibes" come in different forms of electromagnetic waves and free radicals. We're here to help

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  • health Optimization trough innovation

    People want to be better prepared and protected for optimal health and performance

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Creating your best self starts at the cellular level. Specifically designed so your healthy cells stay safe and sound.


real results

Electromagnetic exposure causes free radicals that damage our DNA. This damage is measured clinically as DNA double strand breaks. In studies, the antioxidants found in zapped, showed DNA double strand breaks were REDUCED 60%.* 


Our formulas are proprietary blends of potent antioxidants that work together to raise glutathione levels and neutralize free radicals. Based on research by NASA to include the safest and most effective antioxidant combinations. 

results you can trust

Our company was founded by an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse. Our mission is to improve awareness and understanding when it comes to everyday exposures. We stand behind our products and our customers. We believe in companies that put people before profits.