You can't see them, but they affect you everyday. They come in different forms of electromagnetic waves and free radicals. From X-Rays, the sun and our devices. So whether at work, traveling or a long day of online shopping, we are here to provide support for your long term health.

Our mission at zapped. is to increase awareness and understanding about everyday exposures while promoting healthy choices. 

zapped. contains research based combinations of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals (aka bad vibes) supporting your natural defenses against DNA and cellular damage.*

Our specially formulated antioxidant supplements are based on decades of research to provide you the best quality nutrients. Please see our Scientific Publications page to learn more about the research our products are based on and why we stand 100% behind them.

We have obtained our B Corporation (pending) status by promoting healthy choices and social responsibly into all we do through transparency in operations, actions and impacts.

What drives us is our passion for a better way; striving for optimal health through innovation and change. 

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